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Marhaba Titans,

Hope you are having a safe and enjoyable virtual learning experience! By now, you have witnessed the power of Interchange - our Learning Management System and one of several apps in Nebula. Delta English School is excited to announce that your virtual learning has just gotten more awesome. Through our technology partnership with Kaltura, you can now access two amazing tools inside Interchange: My Media and Personal Capture

What is My Media?

My Media is your personal media library. This tool allows you to upload and store videos as well as rich media for homework assignments and projects. You can access My Media on Interchange’s My Institution page.

What is Personal Capture?

Personal Capture is your video and rich media creation tool. This tool allows you to create and edit videos as well as rich media for homework assignments and projects. Visit My Media > Click Add New on menu > Click Personal Capture > Download Personal Capture for Windows or MacOS (follow instructions prompted on screen). Once the download is complete, you are ready to use Personal Capture.

Click the below thumbnail to view Introducing Kaltura Personal Capture



Click the below thumbnail to view Personal Capture Walthrough



Tired of always submitting paper assignments? Don’t worry. My Media and Personal Capture let you submit video assignments.

Fun Fact: Delta English School is the only K-12 institution in Middle East to offer video assignments.

Another Fun Fact: Delta English School purchased the same Kaltura platform used by Warner Brothers, HBO, Viacom, Vodafone, Zee Entertainment, SAP, The World Bank, Thomson Reuters, AT&T, Pearson, Stanford University, and Columbia Business School.

Do you think this is amazing? Hold onto your horses because the best is yet to come.

ITS Team