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Delta Rewards

With Delta Rewards, now continue to experience world-class education at affordable rates, than ever before.

Delta Rewards

As Delta English School (DES) crosses its 30th year of service, we want to thank you in helping make home of the Titans one of the premier CBSE providers in the UAE. As a token of our appreciation, we are launching a brand new Delta Rewards. Your child can now continue to experience world-class education at affordable rates, than ever before.

It is nice to be Rewarded

Exclusive rewards for New Parents

Over 30 years, we have been providing the highest quality and affordable CBSE Experiences. Our educational program provide opportunities for students to become 21st century innovators and leaders who impact local and global communities. We are now offering the Biggest CBSE Saving Event. For details click here

Exclusive rewards for current parents

Sibling Discount Program

Earn reduced tuition rates, when you enroll two or more children from your household at Delta English School, as described below.


Earn cash-backed points for every friend you you bring to Delta English School and redeem for great tuition savings as described below.

Simple Workflow. Powerful Return on Investment

1 Referrer shoud be a parent with a child or children alreday attending Delta English School.
2 Referred Child shoud not currently be attending Delta English School.
3 Titan Points for each sucessfuly enrolled referred child (2 Titan Points = 1 Dirham).
4 You can only use Titan Points to pay off your child's tuition fee at Delta English School.
5 Titan Points will correspond to the grade level in which the referred child has been enrolled.
6 You will receive Titan Points for each month as long as your referred friend continues to pay his or her child's monthly tuition and applicable fees.
7 Titan Points are limited to each school year. You cannot transfer Titan Points to the subsequent school year or transfer to another parent.
8 Titan Points can be redeemed in-person or by calling the Bursar's portal.
9 A referred friend should identify you when completing his or her child's admission application.
10 Refferral rewards are not applicable for siblings of existing Delta English School students. Instead parents can enroll in the new sibling discount program.

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