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A Nebula App

Delta English School (DES) is proud to introduce Helios-a paperless admission and enrollment management system. Inspired by Titan God of the Sun at the Colossus of Rhodes (one of the Seven Wonders of Ancient World), Helios is one of 12 upcoming apps on Nebula (Delta English School’s web portal). Prospective and current parents can complete their admission or re-enrollment application on any device, without paper applications and less campus visits.

Dynamic inquiry forms

It all starts with an online form. A form that starts a dialogue with a prospective family; that asks intelligent and relevant follow-up questions. All while getting you actionable data.


Event scheduling


Helios drives prospective parents to RSVP for admissions events that matter to them - on dates and times that work around their schedule.


Responsive application process

With Helios, parents have 24/7 access to all their children’s applications under a single account. 95% of fields on each form are comprehensive dropdown menus, so parent can type less, select more and complete quickly.

Mobile Friendly

Helios parent portal is designed and tested to work on phones and tablets.For online application please click

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