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All schools educate their students. But a great school – one with vast impact and a tradition of intellectual leadership – brings in true differentiation in education. Since 1992, students from across UAE and abroad have enrolled at Delta English School, where they have been challenged to their highest potential, to reap the benefits which DES have to offer.

As you are preparing to make an important decision in your child’s life, what challenges you want them to pursue and where would you choose for them to take it on?

Thank you for your interest in Delta English School. We understand there is no better way to learn more about Delta English School other than conducting a visit to our campus, learn why Delta English school is unique in its endeavor of providing quality education, familiarize and experience our state-of-the art educational platform, interact with our friendly and caring staff.

Now Delta English School has scheduled ‘Campus Test Drive’ opportunities. Schedule your spot by clicking the link below and register your attendance.

You can also accomplish campus visit registration by clicking the ‘Campus Test Drive’ button on the top right of our home page.




What to expect during Campus Test Drive


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