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Young Times is an English-language magazine for children and young adults, published by Khaleej Times. Their newest issue (published on November 27, 2019) revolves around UAE National Day and showcased poems, fact files and endearing artworks from youth all over the UAE to commemorate this event.


Young Times 2019 featured ‘Colour Me Posh,’ a favorite coloring section with charming designs, inspired by best-selling adult coloring books and enjoyed by readers of all ages around the world. The patterns and images range from serene to lively, that includes rich florals, majestic animals, and engaging abstract designs. Loops, swirls and flowing lines display with empty space that beckons the touch of a reader’s pencil or marker, guided by his or her own personal artistic ability. Besides serving as a therapeutic stress-reliever, ‘Colour Me Posh’ is also a way for readers to unplug and enjoy the newspaper like never before.


Of the five Delta English School Titans that participated in ‘Colour Me Posh,’ three of our budding Picassos received the honor of having their work published in Young Times:


• Preemal L. Rasquinha | GL 04 B

• Chigha Aneesh | GL 04 B

• Tazmeen T. Hodekar | GL 03 B


Young Times winning entries from Delta English School




Congratulations to all participants and winners! We hope to see more of your work in the future.

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