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Delta English School GL 10 Titans placed first in Poster Design Contest organized by Gulf Medical University – Ajman, MASE (Medical and Science Exhibition). The theme was ‘Ideonella Sakaiensis - All Plastics Are Not Fantastic.’ Our winners are:


• Krishnendu P. Veetil | GL 10 B

• Sasha P. Nanjappa | GL 10 B

• Sharvari S. Pradhan | GL 10 B

• Abiya Biju | GL 10 B


GMU MASE is the biggest annual inter-school event of its kind in the UAE. Held over two days, students from leading schools showcase their science and medicine themed projects, working models, posters and paintings while competing with each other for individual, team and championship titles.


Beyond providing a platform for creativity, this event also inspires students to further explore and develop their knowledge in science and medicine. It helps foster analytical and scientific thinking, reasoning skills, and collaboration to solve local and global health issues. Students are challenged to think out of the box and are instilled with scientific temper and the spirit of innovation that further sparks their interest in medical and science-based careers.


Congratulations to all participants and winners! We hope to see more of your work in the future.

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