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Our vision is to become the leader and provider of the highest quality education at a very affordable cost. We are committed to pursuing excellence in all aspects of K-12 education through consistent research bringing forth innovation and differentiation. Our commitment to provide superior service quality and to partner with parents, make us the prime choice for your child’s education.


To explore and extract the potential in every student

Core Values

Our Students

Delta English School is a strong proponent for constructive competitiveness and promoter of equal opportunities to success. Its innate belief in non discrimination and universal tolerance will help create community-responsible citizens who embrace competition, collaboration, and leadership.

Accountability and Transparency

In contrast to the prevailing philosophy, Delta English School will always make clear to the parents its scholastic and non scholastic performance through extensive disclosure mediums like monthly conferences, reports and web site. While assuring the parents that the responsibility entrusted to this institution is fully comprehended, it also reassures them that its accessibility would help them understand the institution’s directions, values and progress.

Our Team

In an environment of ever larger institutions, the most gifted professionals desire a more personal setting and hence join Delta English School creating exciting new services in their fields of expertise. Their academic excellence, creativity, dedication, teamwork and integrity are their key assets while their extensive experience, and accomplishments give this institution a base of intellectual capital that is second to none.


‘Virtue builds a nation while vice destroys it.’

In a world rife with conflicts of interest, there was a need for an institution like Delta English School to provide the highest standards of work ethics and conduct. Interaction with its students, parents and collaborators in a fair and accurate manner is one of the prime foci of this institution

Alignment of Interests

An element vital for success, but often not fully understood by institutions is the parents’ vision about their children. Delta English School consistently strives to align the interests of its personnel with those of its students. The product of this act ensures the student of objective guidelines. While strengthening the relationship with the student, this act also enables them to gain a competitive advantage.

Research and Innovation

Being innovators in approach, Delta English School will always leverage the intellectual capital within and across the organization for research and development of avant-garde and highly result-oriented tools and techniques. These will help effective development of its students while retaining its long tradition of finding cost-effective solutions to help its students and parents meet their objectives.

Differentiation and Leadership

The expertise developed over decades, access to exclusive resources around the world for educational research and development, first-hand experience of the American system of education and immense capital investment propels this institution to be the pioneer and leader in modern value-based education.

Performance and Consistency

Across many cycles of economic conditions and the ever changing landscape of the expatriate population, Delta English School’s consistent track record in exceptional performance during its many years of existence permits this institution to be the leading choice as education provider. Its management team maintains a consistent focus on long term results and its alumni stands testimony to the school’s credibility.


In an expatriate society where the affordability and expectations follow an exponential expansion and with the pursuit for exquisite higher education expanding is no less a measure, Delta English School with the right caliber and composition, is ideally placed to take on the reigns. Its expanded campus and infrastructure along with enhanced research, technology and resources will help transform yours and your child’s aspirations into reality.
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