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Textbooks utilized by DES are duly certified by C.B.S.E. and are published by educationally competitive agencies.

Textbooks, supplemental workbooks, and stationery are made available for purchase at The Delta Store, which is located on campus.

DES requires that all students purchase the approved custom-designed notebooks and continuous assessment folders from The Delta Store, which is the sole provider of such documents. The purpose of this is to enable the faculty to utilize the in-built structure that is contained within these notebooks and folders so as to optimize their services in helping the student. Use of any other notebook or folder, apart from the one listed above, is not permitted and will not be considered appropriate for use by the faculty.

Books and stationery once purchased by the parent/student, remains the sole property of the parent / student. In the event of a book or stationery item becoming lost or misplaced, DES or its faculty/staff shall bear no responsibility in replacing or reimbursing the missing book or stationery item.

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