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  • ABL Application-Based Learning
  • AC Academic Coordinator
  • ARC Admission & Review Committee
  • ASD Applied Skill Development
  • CA Continuous Assessment
  • CCS Course Coding System
  • cGPA Cumulative Grade Point Average
  • CW Class-Work
  • DAT Delta Academic Testing
  • DELTA IQ Instruction Quality
  • DGC Dress and Grooming Code
  • DHS Delta Honor Society
  • DLC Delta Learning Center
  • DLS Delta Library System
  • DOS Delta Oratory Scholars
  • DQB Delta Question Bank
  • EDR Error Detection & Rectification
  • EDRP Education Development & Research Project
  • EHL Ernest Hemingway Library
  • FRC Faculty Resource Center
  • HW Home-Work
  • KDS Kinder Discovery Square
  • KSAS Knowledge & Skills Assessment Session
  • LSA Literary Skills Acquisition
  • LTM Librarian Training Module
  • M Mini
  • MPS Minimum Passing Score
  • NEX-GEN Delta Next Generation Artists
  • OHC Osler Health Center
  • PACE Pre-Admission Clearance Examination
  • PBL Problem-Based Learning
  • PMAT Personnel Management, Assistance, & Training
  • Q Quiz
  • Q-PREP Preparatory Questions
  • RC Reading Comprehension
  • RR Reading & Recitation
  • SF Summer Final
  • sGPA Semester Grade Point Average
  • SS Summer Semester
  • SSP Student Success Program
  • V Vocabulary
  • WF Winter Final
  • WS Winter Semester
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