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1. Fees are collected in 10 installments. Each installment constitutes fee payment for one month. Fees are not collected for the months of July and August.

2. Fees should be paid for the month during which the student’s name has been carried on in the DES student roster even if the student has been absent during that month.

3. Monthly applicable fees are due on or before the 5th of every month. Momentum will discontinue transportation from the 7th of a particular month for those students who do not clear their dues before the 5th.

4. Holding fees in arrears is not allowed. In the event where the dues are not cleared by the 25th of each month, the names of the defaulters will be removed from the DES student roster, with permission from the Ministry of Education.

5. Those students, whose names, are once removed from the DES student roster, have to go through a re-admission process in line with that set forth for new admissions.

6. For students who are availing DES transport, the transportation fee should be paid along with the tuition and other applicable fees.

7. Part payment of fees is not permitted. All fees must be paid in full.

8. All fee payments must be made at the Office of the Bursar, which will remain open during normal Delta English School operation hours. The Office of the Bursar provides a variety of payment options to help parents meet their financial obligations at Delta English School. Staff members are available to help with student accounts. Payments may be made in cash, personal check or Credit Card at the office of the Bursar, if paying in person.

9. Alternatively, parents can also make payments by EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer), Online Credit Card Payment, if unable to pay in person. For complete details of various modes of payment, please visit the link below.

Modes of Payment

10. Alternatively, parents can also make payments by Account Payable Cheque, if unable to pay in person. Prepare the cheque in favor of ‘Delta English School’ and crossed as ‘Account Payee Only’. Place the cheque inside a sealed envelope with the DES ID of the student clearly written on the selaed envelope. Place the envelope securely inside the SPH. For safety and security reasons, instruct the student not to handover the envelope to the Bus Operators or Bus Attendants.

11. For payment by cheque, please ensure that all cheques are drawn in favor of ‘Delta English School’ and crossed as ‘Account Payee’ only. A fine of AED 100.00 will be charged for all returned cheques. Subsequently only cash payments will be accepted in lieu of returned cheques.

12. Fees once paid are non-refundable under any circumstances. In the event of an error associated with fee payment, the parent must bring to school, as evidence, his or her fee receipt that was issued by the Bursar.

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