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1. Students are expected to be punctual in coming to school.

2. It is mandatory for every student to attend school on the first day of re-opening after each term.

3. A student cannot remain absent for more than two consecutive days without a leave application from parents which has been approved by the Principal or authorized representative. Leave request submitted via telephone, fax or e-mail is not acceptable.

4. If a student remains absent for more than two consecutive days and less than five days without informing the office of the Registrar, he/she will be automatically removed from the DES Student Roster, with permission from the Ministry of Education.

5. In case of leave for two or less than two consecutive days, the parent should inform the Office of the Registrar via telephone and a formal leave letter should be produced, upon the student returning to class, clearly stating the reason for absence.

6. In case of sick leave a medical certificate should be produced along with the leave application.

7. Parents have to apply for leave of his/her ward directly at the Office of the Registrar. Any request made through instructors, transportation staff or any other school personnel is not acceptable.

8. All medical and non medical leave will result in an ‘Absent’ in the attendance record. All DES students are required to attain a minimum of 75% attendance in order for him/her to become eligible for the final promotion.

9. Parents should make sure that his/her ward appears for all the term and final examinations conducted by the school. No make-up exams will be conducted under any circumstances.

10. Students will not be permitted to leave the classroom or campus during school hours without prior permission from the Office of the Registrar. In such case where the student will have to leave the school premises early, the parent/guardian who is present to pick up his/her ward is required to sign in the Parent Log available at the Information Desk.

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