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DES places predominant emphasis on academics and has designed a system to challenge the student through rigorous coursework and testing thus enabling the student to explore his/her full potential. Through grading, the student’s scholastic and non-scholastic achievement can be effectively measured.

1. To assess scholastic performance, every course offered at DES incorporates the Grade Point Average (GPA) system where the GPA for each term (tGPA) is calculated to determine the cumulative GPA (cGPA) for a particular grade level. To assess non-scholastic performance, a letter grade (example: A+, A-, B+, B-, etc.) is assigned which is non-inclusive of the GPA.

2.Following the guidelines of CBSE-i, the scholastic performance of each student will be evaluated on the basis of two formative assessments and one summative assessment for each semester.

3. The scholastic performance of the student is evaluated with a blend of academic tasks. The DES definition of an academic task constitutes any scholastic activity that demands the intellectual ability of a student to produce an outcome, which will contribute to the student's cumulative GPA. These academic tasks at DES are Class-Work (CW), homework assignments, projects, quizzes, minis, Problem-Based Learning (PBL) modules, Continuous Assessments (CA), and term examinations. The non-scholastic performance is evaluated through various initiatives brought forth by Student Success Program (SSP).

4. All academic tasks that are graded will each possess a Minimum Passing Score (MPS). Students whose cumulative points, earned throughout the year, are equal to or above MPS for each course are eligible for promotion to the next grade level.

5. For HW and ASD, the students are expected to complete the assignments within the due date. If a student fails to complete these within the due date, only a pre assigned percentage of the total score earned will be applicable. If the student does not complete the task by the end of the academic term, a grade of zero will be recorded for that task under any circumstance (medical or non-medical) thus lowering the student’s sGPA and cGPA.

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