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DES-sponsored extracurricular activities are meant to serve as avenues for leadership development. In addition, they aid as practice in utilizing skills, aptitudes, and knowledge that will help the student progress. This will help fulfill one of the main goals of DES, which is to create responsible citizens.

1. DES-wide activities require the participation of all students. Student organization-sponsored activities require the participation of only the respective members of that student organization.

2. General DES rules apply to all students participating in DES-wide and student-organization sponsored activities.

3. Unless notified otherwise, all students participating in DES-sponsored extracurricular activities are required to appear in official school uniform. Any other clothing is unacceptable and will prevent the student from participating in the event.

4. For all DES-sponsored extracurricular activities conducted off-campus, designated school buses will provide transportation to the destination and return these students back to the school at the end of the event. For students who avail school transportation, the buses will then take those students from the school to their respective residence. For students who do not avail school transportation, it is the responsibility of the parent / guardian to pick the student from the school campus.

5. The nature of all DES-sponsored extracurricular activities is the sole discretion of DES.

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