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DES places the health and safety of the student as a priority and hence creates measures to provide each student with a safe and positive environment. However, DES would like to bring the following information to the parent’s notice to make them aware of what they could do to enhance their ward’s health.


To protect other students from contagious illnesses, students infected with certain diseases are not allowed to come to school while the illness is still contagious. If the parent suspects that his / her ward has a communicable or contagious disease while attending class, contact the school nurse so that other students who might have been exposed to the illness can be attended immediately.

If the student displays symptoms of high fever, vomiting, and / or diarrhea on the day before coming to class, it is the duty of the parent to keep his / her ward at home.

While many communicable diseases are now controlled through the required immunization program, there are still illnesses and rashes that occur regularly. The Osler Health Center provides parents with brief guidelines for handling common medical conditions. Please visit Osler Health Center or contact the school nurse or primary care physician (PCP) for further information:

Chicken Pox (Varicella) The student may return to school after a leave period of 15 days when all blisters have crusted. Upon returning to class, the student must present a medical certificate and formal leave letter stating the reason for absence.

Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) The student may return to school after being medically advised to do so. Upon returning to class, the student must present a medical certificate and formal leave letter stating the reason for absence.


In the event of serious medical emergency or illness, Osler Health Center will attempt to contact the respective parent. If deemed necessary by the school nurse, the student will be rushed to Kuwait or Al Qassimi Hospital. The school nurse will remain with the student until the respective parent reaches his/her ward.

DES bears no responsibility for any medical transportation or treatment costs associated with a student’s illness or injury.


All students enrolled at DES will routinely undergo a brief physical examination and will also be screened for vision and hearing problems as part of an ongoing medical checkup.


The DES curriculum demands that each student engage in some sort of physical activity for a set period of time, daily during the week. Hence, all students are required to participate in Physical Education (PE) courses. If the parent feels that this might pose as a risk to their ward’s health, they should mention it in the Medical Screening Report or contact or visit the school nurse for further discussion.

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