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School Transport is available from the following areas.

How to register for School Transport Services.

Currently Enrolled Students.

Currently enrolled students, who like to subscribe for School Transport Services, follow the steps listed below.


Submit a Transportation Request (TR), which is accessible from your Titan's homeroom course on Interchange.

Here is a list of homeroom courses on Interchange:

  • Kindergarten : The main Kindergarten Course
  • Grade Level 01 - Grade Level 10 : Homeroom Course
  • Grade Level 11 - Grade Level 12 : English Language Course
2 Access the Transport Request Form through the respective Homeroom Course in Interchange, complete and submit it.
3 On receipt of the Transport Request Form, our Momentum Department will arrange to enable you to fillup and submit a Transport Subscription Application (TSA) Form in Helios. This TSA form will appear as a checklist item in your Helios account. Helios will also send you an email communication expalining the details and actions expected from you.
4 Complete the TSA form and submit it in Helios. Also attach an appropriate Goole Map Screenshot of your location.
5 On receipt of the TSA form and Google Map Screenshot of your location, our Momentum Department will contact you to discuss the details of the transport including the date of initiation of the school transport services, the bus number, pickup and drop off points and timing.

School Transportation Services will be charged on a per-month basis.