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Admission Acceptance

If admitted, the candidate will receive an Admission Offer Letter (AOL), which you must sign and submit as well as complete the stated requisites (with the exception of Freshmen Orientation and Academic Advising) within seven (7) days from the offer date. Freshment Orientation and Academic Advising can be completed even after the AOL expiration.

Failure to accept the AOL and complete the stated requisites (with the exception of Freshmen Orientation and Academic Advising) by the deadline will cause the candidate's AOL to expire, at which time you will then be required to submit a new admission application (if you still wish to continue seeking admission at Delta English School). Candidates who are not granted admission will be notified by the Office of Admissions. Candidates who did not accept their AOLs before expiration or who were not granted admission into Delta English School will not have their application fees refunded under any circumstance.

Although Delta English School's Office of Admissions strives to remain up-to-date on its admission policies, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education rules are subject to change without notice; therefore we ask for your support, should you be required to submit additional documentation.

Checklist for Admission Accept Stage

The following items have to be addressed for successful completion of the Admission Accept Stage.

Admission Offer Letter (AOL)

Offer of candidate's admission into Delta English School.To be accepted online by signing.
Classroom Placement Form Addresses Skill proficiencies, learning behaviors and special education needs (if any). To be completed online.
Honor Code Agreement Contract for candidate's expected personal and academic integrity. To be signed online.
Titan Handbook Acknowledgement Form Contract for Delta English School expectations, rules and regulations, programs, and services to foster a positive and productive school culture.To be signed online.
Student Code of Conduct (SCC) Agreement Contract for candidate's rights and responsibilities to build constructive student-employee relationships.To be signed online.
Dress and Grooming Code (DGC) Agreement Contract for Delta English School expectations, rules and regulations on candidate's apparel and presentation. To be signed online.
Information Technology Acceptable Use Agreement (IT-AUA) Contract for Delta English School programs, processes and practices to support safe, ethical and responsible digital citizens. To be signed online.
Medical Record Medical history, immunization record and health alerts (if any). To be completed online.
Health Screening Agreement Contract for mandatory annual physical and/or dental screenings from Osler Health Center. To be signed online.
Student Media Consent and Release Form Contract for using candidate's image and milestones to promote Delta English School activities and achievements. To be signed online.
Delta Passport Universal student identification card to access all campus services and which must be brought to school everyday. Distributed to student at Accept Stage.
Tuition and Ancillary Fees First month's tuition (for admitted grade level), Semester Fee (for semester learning activities), Student Health Services Fee (for Osler Health Center services); and Technology Commons Fee (for access to campus computer labs). Tuition and ancillary fees are non-refundable..
Uniform Fee Non-refundable fee for Delta English School Blue Kit(s) and White Kit(s).
Course Materials Fee Non-refundable fee for grade level-appropriate textbooks, activity books and stationery.
Momentum Transportation Fee Non-refundable fee for subscribing to Momentum school transportation services (applicable only if school transport is opted). Rates vary by residence.
Freshmen Orientation One-day program designed for candidates and their parents to tour the campus, understand academic and campus life programs, spend time with incoming students and make new friends, meet with school supervisors and department heads and undergo individual advising sessions with the school counselor. Attendance is mandatory for all candidates and their parents.
Academic Advising Meeting with school counselor to discuss candidate's class schedule, interests and expectations. The counselor will recommend specific Delta English School programs and resources that can benefit the candidate.



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