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Why DES?


DES is one of few Indian schools in the UAE to consistently achieve a 5-star customer service rating, 27 years in a row. It has been recognized as “the best education money can buy” and has been hailed as “the best place to work”.

Many things go into the parent’s decisions regarding which school their child should attend. They demand the very best for their child and will not settle for anything less. But it is impossible to come up with a definitive list that is compatible to everyone. Some parents make decisions based solely on the quality of the academic program, some are persuaded by family and friends, and some say things just felt right from the moment they set foot on campus.

At DES, we can assure you that we truly have what it takes to create the perfect school - one that matches everyone’s expectations. We start with the right mix of people: faculty who are leaders and mentors, and exceptional students who are bright, well-rounded individuals. Our flagship programs - Delta Instruction Quality (Delta IQ) and Student Success Program (SSP) have revolutionized the way educational service is delivered by providing the right environment and resources that any student will need to develop their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Three pillars shape everything at Delta English School, from instructional philosophy to campus culture, and we believe they help us stand out as a premium CBSE provider:

Academic Excellence

Our goal is to provide an excellent, globally-benchmarked K-12 CBSE program to qualified students of diverse backgrounds with an emphasis on 21st century college and career readiness skills, including critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and communication. Preparing you to succeed is a top priority.

Social Accountability

Service learning and volunteerism are baked directly into the curriculum, representing our goal to distill in our students a lifelong commitment to community engagement, social responsibility and global citizenship.

Student Engagement

As a Titan (DES student), your child will be encouraged to pursue activities beyond course work that align with his or her personal interests. This includes student-run governance, clubs, honor societies, athletics, visual-performing arts, global field trips, robotics, photography, media production, and other activities.

The Office of the Registrar has created this site to assist parents in their quest to decipher the legacy of DES and wish you success on this journey.



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