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First-time Applicants

Admission to DES has been regarded as being competitive from the very beginning. The Admission & Review Committee (ARC) takes into consideration the applicant’s grade transcript from the previous school, demonstrated commitment to his/her school community, extracurricular or community activities, honours and awards, exceptional personal talents and other pertinent information. ARC is careful in its admissions selection not to ascribe too much value to any single metric, such as our admission standardized assessment, rank in class, or grade point average, to assess your child’s preparedness and potential.

ARC comprises of a select number of eminent faculty members from various departments and top administration representatives. These individuals read each applicant’s portfolio and make independent assessments that take into consideration a wide range of criteria so that no applicant’s strengths will go unrecognized or unappreciated. This admission system has resulted in creating DES classes that are motivated, energetic, and successful. We have achieved an 80% and higher class average and a 99% passing rate across all our grade levels thus placing our students in the top 10th percentile in the nation.

We seek to create, on our campus, a rich learning environment in which your child will meet individuals whose life experiences and world views differ significantly. We honour the belief that an educated person is one who is at home in many different environments, at ease among people from many different cultures, and willing to test his or her views against those of others. By selecting a wide range of applicants of varying potential, our admission process brands the learning environment at DES and thus increases the value of Delta education for you and your child.

The DES admission process consists of 4 parts - Part I (Ask), Part II (Apply), Part III (Assess) and Part IV (Accept). The entire process can be done online by clicking "Online Admission" link on the menubar above or by clicking on the "Helios" button on the landing page of the website. Admission process is handled solely by the Office of the Registrar who will receive all the documents submitted online and process the necessary verifications before granting admission to any prospective applicant.

Admission A4 Process

1. Ask: Submit Admission Inquiry online by clicking "Have A Question?" link on the menubar above or by clicking on the "Inquiry" button on the landing page of the website to know more about Delta English School.

2. Apply: Submit Candidate Profile (primary admission application) and supporting documentation by clicking "Online Admission" link on the menubar above or by clicking on the "Helios" button on the landing page of the website.

3. Assess: Complete KSA/PACE and personal interview.

4. Accept: If selected, receive Admissions Offer Letter (AOL) and complete new enrollment packet.

Age Criteria

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Government and UAE Education Authorities stipulates mandatory age criteria requirements for admission to Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2, and Grade Level 01 classes.

For details of Age Criteria Requirements, please click the button below.

Birth Certificates

Birth Certificates are required for applicants seeking admission to Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2, and Grade Level 01.

If you do not have an attested birth certificate, upload the unattested equivalent at time of application. Following admission into Delta English School, you must replace this document with an attested birth certificate (see attestation guidelines below) within 30 days from start of school year.

For details of Birth Certificate Attestation Requirements, please click the button below.


School Year: April to March

Summer Semester: April to Mid October

Winter Semester: Mid October to March


Summer Break: July and August

Winter Break: Third Week of December to First Week of January



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