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Founded in 1992, Delta English School is an independent institution focused on STEAM-based differentiated learning. As an early and pioneering Central Board of Secondary Education provider in the United Arab Emirates, Delta English School honors its past to help and create the future of education. With the strongest and most competitive academic programs in the world, Delta English School prepares students to become 21st century innovators and leaders of tomorrow.

Grade Level 01 to 12 follows a Blended Learning Model, which comprise of 10% Micro Lecture and 90% Small Group Activity. Teachers assigns students to one of three available differentiated learning programs, based on the student’s baseline knowledge and skills set. Teachers commence each lesson with Micro Lecture session by using various pedagogies to instruct visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners. Following Micro Lecture, students collaborate within their learning groups and complete Bloom’s Taxonomy HOTS based blogs and wikis, and tutoring peers who are unable to understand the content. Learning support is offered for ESL and SEND students that leverage custom learning activities and access to licensed School Counselors.

Delta English School implements Performa - an in-house designed assessment ecosystem – to access each student in scholastic and co-scholastic domains. Performa contains 14 proprietary testing modes that measure specific knowledge and skills with a high level of reliability and validity to reduce bias and distortion. Protected under professional controls reflecting those utilized by leading international examination boards. Performa testing modes challenge students’ intellectual capabilities, based on measurable competencies designed for each course and grade level. Performa automatically calculates a student’s scholastic and co-scholastic grade, with minimal standard deviation, using built-in-grade calculators customized for each testing mode.

Students and parents receive performance trend alerts through electronic QAPR (Quarterly Assessment Performance Report) and Titan MAP (Multi-Lateral Assessment Profile). Aside from the annual Grade Level 10 All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) and Grade Level 12 All India Senior- School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) conducted in March, Delta English School students also take external exams such as OECD’s PISA subject tests. IEA’s TIMSS and PIRLS assessments. ACER’s IBT, and NGSF’s NGSE. Through an in-house developed Curricular and testing Quality Control Protocol, course departments create, administer and meticulously inspect ICT-centric and learning resources for higher outcomes.


Since its inception, the Student Success Program (SSP) at Delta English School has successfully launched over 50 Advanced Curricular Enhancements (ACE) initiatives, each designed to offer development opportunities in college and career readiness skills. ACE initiatives include student governance, clubs and honor societies, athletics, speech and debate, creative writing, horticulture, scouting and guiding, STEM explorations, visual and performing arts, campus internships, and community service assignments. Performa assesses a student’s participation and competency in ACE initiatives on a five-point grading scale, which is exclusive of student’s cumulative GPA.

Parental Engagement

Utilizing a six-point Parent Engagement Model, Delta English School interfaces with its parent community through monthly Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC), Transition Colloquiums, appointment-based meetings, newsletters, workshops, Parent Council and Open Houses. During PTCs, homeroom and course instructors hold 20-minute advising sessions to confidentially discuss each student’s learning outcomes against pre-set scholastic and co-scholastic targets, as stated in the student’s Titan ILP (Individual Learning Plan). Delta English School hosts different Transition Colloquium session each year to acquaint parents on new educational services and expectations as their child progresses n=between school levels. Parents receive electronic Communication Statements two-to-three times a week on effective learning strategies, upcoming events and policy reminders. Delta English School frequently invite parents to attend workshops on a variety of educational topics, including time management, stress management, methods to enhance campus life, effective school-home partnerships, and college and career destinations.

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