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Curriculum Engineering

Curriculum Engineering

Deconstructed and built from the ground up, Delta English School’s curriculum is the perfect trifecta of CBSE guidelines, advanced engineering and iconic design. Next generation student outcomes - knowledge skills and expertise - are clearly defined so you can succeed in school, work, life and citizenship. Delta English School’s 21st century student outcomes comprise of five elements:

  • Content Knowledge
  • 21st Century Themes
  • Learning and Innovation Skills
  • Information, Media and Technology Skills
  • Life and Career Skills

Content Knowledge

CBSE courses with global benchmarks are remarkable enough. But CBSE courses with tight interdisciplinary connections and global alignments are an entirely different creature. Add project-based pedagogies, and such courses have the power and flexibility to offer you content-rich and cohesive learning experiences.

Delta English School core disciplines:

  • English, Reading or Language Arts
  • Mathematic
  • Science
  • World Languages
  • Economics
  • Accountancy
  • Business
  • Information Technology

21st Century Themes

As you’d expect from a pro school, Delta English School embeds various 21st century interdisciplinary themes to allow multiple measures of mastery, fuel higher order thinking skills and ultimately create high-performance classrooms. Here are themes you will encounter in any DES course. Yes, you read correctly - every course. We don’t discriminate.

Global Awareness: Understand global issues, other nations and other cultures.

Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy: (a) Make appropriate personal economic choices; (b) Understand the role of economy in society; (c) Use entrepreneurial skills to enhance workplace productivity and career options.

Civic Literacy: (a) Participate effectively in civic life; (b) Exercise rights and obligations of citizenship at emirate, national and global levels; (c) Understand local and global implications of civic decisions

Learning and Innovation Skills

Never be the one left out in the dark as today’s 21st century life and work environment transforms into an increasingly complex beast. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to incorporate the 4 Cs - creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Come and grab the future by its horns!

Creativity and Innovation: (a) Use idea creation techniques to create worthwhile incremental and radical ideas; (b) Demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work while embracing real world limits; (c) Be open and responsive to critical and diverse perspectives.

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: (a) Reason appropriately in each situation; (b) Analyze how parts of a whole interact to produce overall outcomes in complex systems; (c) Effectively analyze and evaluate evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs; (d) Solve non-familiar problems in both conventional and innovative ways.

Communication: (a) Articulate thoughts and ideas using written, oral, and nonverbal skills in various forms and contexts; (b) Listen effectively; (c) Use communication to inform, instruct, motivate and persuade; (d) Use and judge the quality of multiple media and technologies; (e) Communicate effectively in multi-lingual environments.

Collaboration: (a) Work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams; (b) Make necessary compromises to accomplish common goals; (c) Assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, and value contributions made by individual team members.

Information, Media and Technology Skills

What if you have the strength to turn your biggest ideas into your greatest work within a rapidly evolving technology and media-suffused environment? Now that’s revolutionary, beyond your wildest dreams. Guess what, each Delta English School course is loaded with Information, Media and Technology Skills.

Information Literacy: (a) Access and evaluate information critically and competently; (b) Accurately and creatively use data for the issue at hand; (c) Manage the flow of information from multiple sources.

Media Literacy: (a) Understand both how and why media messages are constructed; (b) Apply a fundamental understanding of ethical/legal issues surrounding access and use of media; (c) Create media products using appropriate media creation tools, characteristics and conventions.

ICT Literacy: (a) Use technology to research, organize, evaluate and communicate information; (b) Use digital devices and social networks to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information to successfully function in today’s knowledge economy.

Life and Career Skills

Our goal was to engineer an education package that rigorously prepares you beyond K-12. And not only is it holistic - it’s more powerful than standard CBSE education would allow. We designed every course and extracurricular activity to embrace key college and career readiness skills. This makes the whole learning experience rewarding, so you can confidently navigate complex life and work environments.

Flexibility and Adaptability: (a) Adapt to varied responsibilities, schedules and contexts; (b) Work effectively in a climate of ambiguity and changing priorities; (c) Negotiate and balance diverse views to attain workable solutions.

Initiative and Self-Direction: (a) Set goals with tangible and intangible success criteria; (b) Define, prioritize and complete tasks without direct oversight; (c) Go beyond mastery of curriculum and/or skills to explore and expand potential.

Social and Cross-Cultural Skills: (a) Know when it is appropriate to listen and when to speak; (b) Leverage socio-cultural differences to create new ideas and increase both innovation and quality of work.

Productivity and Accountability: (a) Set and meet goals, even in the face of obstacles and competing pressures; (b) Consistently produce high quality products.

Leadership and Responsibility: (a) Use interpersonal and problem-solving skills to influence and guide others toward a goal; (b) Inspire others to reach their true potential via example and selflessness; (c) Act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind.

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