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Student Success Program (SSP)

Since its inception, the Student Success Program (SSP) at Delta English School has successfully launched over 50 Advanced Curricular Enhancements (ACE) initiatives, each designed to offer development opportunities in college and career readiness skills. ACE initiatives include student governance, clubs and honor societies, athletics, speech and debate, creative writing, horticulture, scouting and guiding, STEM explorations, visual and performing arts, campus internships, and community service assignments. Performa assesses a student’s participation and competency in ACE initiatives on a five-point grading scale, which is exclusive of student’s cumulative GPA.


Politeia is the official student governance system at Delta English School (DES). Politeia was an important term in Ancient Greek political thoughts of Aristotle and Plato and was identified as “the conditions and rights of a citizen, or citizenship.”

Politeia - Organizational Structure


Features of Politeia

Student Representation: Politeia serves as a platform for expressing and resolving student views, opinions, ideologies, and concerns in a democratic manner, without discriminating to race, religion, gender or position at DES.

Patnership with DES: At Politeia, we assist DES in creating cutting-edge policies to provide your child with an innovative, unparalleled, and competitive CBSE education. We constantly factor in student needs, outlook and aspirations to enhance existing DES campus facilities beyond 21st century learning benchmarks. Politeia collaborates with SSP to bring forth new initiatives that focusses on thinking, social interaction, emotions management, literary and creative aptitudes, scientific reasoning, visual and performing arts, wellness, athletics all while being complaint with SCC (student Code of Conduct) and DGC (Dress and Grooming Code). Our student support services include, but does not limit to extend course-specific coaching, counseling, career guidance, and workshops on smart learning and success-proven test taking strategies.

Peer Support: Politeia plays an active role in P2P Quest (DES’ peer-to-peer mentoring program) by receiving expertise and skills training to support their peers. Via P2P Quest, Politeia offers accessible issues with a Politeia officer in a highly professional and confidential manner. Politeia officers are aware of available professional peer support networks and are trained in effectively utilizing such resources to accomplish their mission.

Learning Opportunities: Politeia offers numerous opportunities for elected students to work with faculty, administrators and support service staff and make critical educational decisions. Politeia officers help promote Titan citizenship by creating an innovative school atmosphere, by fostering a competitive, cutting-edge academic spirit among the Titan community, and by ultimately delivering a rewarding school experience.

Community Engagement: Politeia officers create and organize numerous community service opportunities, both within and outside DES, for Titans to give back to their community. We employ social issues and reflection-play in achieving its community service learning and volunteering mission. Politeia’s community service program is built on nine (9) impact areas, ensuring that you are offered a wide array of volunteering opportunities.

Community Engagement

Teacher-Student Relationships: Being students at heart, we know what floats our boat and what makes us cringe when it comes to academic success. Politeia truly believes in the scholastic power of productive Teacher-Student Relationships (TSR). We diligently collaborate with DES educationalists by providing student learning feedback and recommendations. Such input enables daily decision-making processes for DES teachers to enhance their TSRs with you.

Campus Enhancements: We have an amazing campus but we can continue to make it better. At Politeia, our vision is to maintain a paramount on-campus atmosphere, which intellectually and creatively excites you every day. Whether it is a new sports area or technology-immersive zone, we investigate needs for new learning or support service avenues and submit project proposals to DES administrators for review and consideration.

Global Challenges: We live in a complex world where culture, economics and societal values are at crossroads with one another. Politeia help raise students’ awareness on global challenges, which play critical roles in the current and future generations. Various cornerstone topics re discussed during Politeia forums that include but not limit to the technology advancements and its impact in the service/manufacturing sectors; small and medium scale entrepreneurship; service/manufacturing in sourcing and out sourcing; climate change control; social media and privacy; mobile computing and data analytics; socio-economic factors faced by students across the globe; economic pulse in developed and emerging economies; and the future of healthcare infrastructure.

Honor Societies and Clubs

There is one thing we like you to do while at DES… participate! Titans possess the ability to engage in multiple interests. The five student organizations and counting found at DES enrich your social, cultural and educational experience, influence the larger Titan community and enhance the overall diversity that is unique to DES. All DES honor societies and clubs are registered with SOL (Student Organization League) to ensure quality control and unbiased operations. The annual SOL Fair, hosted by SOL, offers you a chance to visit each society/club, interact with its members, learn about the organization’s life and activities and finally decide your membership. Come explore the various opportunities hidden in these organizations and make the most of your school experience.

Honor Societies and Clubs

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