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Earnest Hemingway Library (EHL), the main school library, possess a print collection of more than 20,000 fiction and non-fiction novels, World Book Encyclopedia series, Britannica Encyclopedia series, Collier’s Encyclopedia series, National Geographic series, Time magazine series, manuscripts and regional and world maps. Out of the entire print collection, 95% of publications are imported from the United States. Earnest Hemmingway Library also features a stock of digital media, a self-service Faculty Resource Center and an iconic Ibn Khaldun Collection chamber. Library is managed through world famous Alexandra Library System , which can automatically index books based on its checks with the New York Public Library, USA.

Earnest Hemingway Library (EHL)

Earnest Hemingway Library (EHL)

Alexandria Library System

  • Library management
  • MARC cataloging
  • Lexile integration
  • Supports reading programs such as Accelerated Reader
  • Due date and policy flexibility
  • Thousands of flexible reports
  • Z39.50 Support
  • Integration with book vendors such as Bound To Stay Bound
  • Web-based patron interface
  • Access to third-party databases such as netTrekker


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